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By: Padanama Publication

New Syllabus

✯ Let us follow the Buddha and overcome
 the challenges in life
✯ The qualities of the Buddha
✯ Let us gain happiness in life by understanding
 the Buddha preached by the Buddha
✯ The value of a concentrated mind
✯ Exemplary characters
✯ Dhamma pada which lightens the journey of life
✯ Physical and moral development
✯ The doors of progress and deterioration
✯ The freedom to think and inquire given
 by buddhism
✯ Let us act with co-operation and protect
the buddhist identity
✯ The disparity of people and kamma
✯ The buddhist teaching of cause and effect which teaches about the sufferings of samsaara and the way to eradicate suffering
✯ Perspective towards life based on buddhism
✯ Let us be environmental friendly
✯ A healthy life according to buddhism
✯ How to pure dhamma was protected
✯ The changes which occured in the Sri Lankan people's lives through the arrival of arahant Mahinda
✯ The splendour of the Sri Lanka buddhist arts
✯ The sinhala literature which was nourished by buddhism
✯ Wealth earned religiously will bring comfort
✯ Let us earn religiously and spend religiously
✯ Buddhism which shows the path to the rulers
✯ The base for eternal happyness is sammaa ditti

Book Details

  • Format:Short Notes
  • Grade:Grade 11
  • Language:English Medium
  • Subject:ආගම Religion
  • Publication Date:Thursday 16th of May 2019
  • Publisher:Padanama Publication
  • ISBN:9789556791389

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