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By: Padanama Publication


✩ Bodhisatva Siddhartha Who overcome all challenges.
✩ Let us worship and praise the great sangha.
✩ Let us understand the values of the triple gems.
✩ Let us develop meritorious thoughts.
✩ Seeing things as they by developing vidarshanaa.
✩ Great personalities Who contributed for the up liftment of
the sangha community.
✩ Build up your young lift so as not to regret when you grow old.
✩ Let us be religious by realizing the aanisansas.
✩ Duties which products relationships.
✩ Let us be wonderful people among viscious people.
✩ Heritage and co-existance.
✩ Let us learn about Kamma and its categories.
✩ Thilakkhana dhamma.
✩ Let us learn about Paticca Samuppada.
✩ Let us gain contentment by understanding the siwsas.
✩ Buddha’s lift and the environment.
✩ Good health is the greatest gain.
✩ Let us live happily with correct consumption of food.
✩ The Buddhist councils.
✩ Lest us protect the local arts.
✩ Let us enjoy Buddhist literature.
✩ Religious teaching on Government control.
✩ Devotion is the entrance towards nirvaana.

Book Details

  • Format:Short Notes
  • Grade:Grade 10
  • Language:Sinhala Medium
  • Subject:රෝමානු කතෝලික - Roman Catholic
  • Publication Date:Tuesday 14th of May 2019
  • Publisher:Padanama Publication
  • ISBN:9789556791372

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