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By: Padanama Publication

✩ Observes the Environment as a Scientist.
✩ Inquires the Compatibility of Properties of  Substances in Relation to Day           Today Requirements.
✩ Explores the Dynamic Nature of Environment.
✩ Makes Inquiry to Identify the Nature of Earth 
     and Space.
✩ Use the Concepts, Principles and Theories Related Energy, Work and                      Force  Effectively.
✩ Investigates in to the Diversity of Plants.
✩ Uses Properties of waves to Accomplish Day to  day Needs.
✩ Exhibits the Preparedness in Management of natural Disasters and            associated  risks.

Book Details

  • Format:Short Notes
  • Grade:Grade 8
  • Language:English Medium
  • Subject:විද්‍යාව Science
  • Publication Date:Friday 10th of May 2019
  • Publisher:Padanama Publication
  • ISBN:9789556790269

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