Health & Physical Education
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Health & Physical Education

By: Padanama Publication


✩ Let us buuild a healthy society
✩ Let us achieve towards self actualization
✩ Let us identify physical deformities which prevent

    good posture
✩ Let us identify organized games and outdoor activities
✩ Let us play volleyball
✩ Let us play netball
✩ Let us play football
✩ Let us  train for relay-race
✩ Let us practise long jump
✩ Let us fulfill our nutritional needs
✩ Let us protect the features which 

    affect our appearance
✩ Let us develop health related physical fitness
✩ Let us be familiar with knots and lashings
✩ Let us  enjoy making bonfires
✩ Let us  cook food outdoors
✩ Let us train high jump events
✩ Let us  practise throwing events
✩ Let us develop social values through sports
✩ Let us improve our psychosocial fitness
✩ Let us identify gender responsibilities
✩ Let us overcome social challenges

Book Details

  • Format:Short Notes
  • Grade:Grade 9
  • Language:English Medium
  • Subject:වෙනත් - Other
  • Publication Date:Friday 10th of May 2019
  • Publisher:Padanama Publication
  • ISBN:9789556790597

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