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The institute he set up at a small scale at its beginning, has successfully sprang up quenching the thirst of Sri Lankan students island wide for knowledge due to his marvelous experience in relation to the methods of learning teaching process, professional competency, excellent dedication and indomitable courage.

The prevailing system of highly competitive examination has led to dissatisfaction since the results obtained by the students are not worthwhile for the efforts and hard work of the students , teachers, and the sacrifice of the parents. It merely confirms the notion of " Education is a burden without a success"

In fact, students should learn with fun.For that a variety of interesting methods should be introduced and manipulated. Henceforth, there can be successful achievements of their education with the knowledge gained without fatigue.

Our institute will present Educational materials to apt to these requirements in the future as we do at present.

Wish you Good Luck...... !

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