Nei Siyara

Colouring book 04 (Others)

  • Grade: Pre school - පෙර පාසල
  • Medium: All
  • ISBN: 9786245958290
  • Book Type: Work Book (වැඩ පොත්)
  • Category: Pre School, Grade 1 and 2
  • Sub Category: Colouring Books - පාට කරන පොත්
  • Subject: Other
  • Availability: In Stock (61)

  • About Author

    Nei Siyara

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This series of colouring books includes six books on child psychology in a way that develops children's mental exercise, mental creativity and thinking ability in early childhood development.

This book is a great investment you can make for your child, from a child's alphabet to an early age, even for a birthday party.

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