Nei Siyara

Colouring Book 06 (Vehicle)

  • Grade: Pre school - පෙර පාසල
  • Medium: All
  • ISBN: 9786245958283
  • Book Type: Work Book (වැඩ පොත්)
  • Category: Pre School, Grade 1 and 2
  • Sub Category: Colouring Books - පාට කරන පොත්
  • Subject: Other
  • Availability: In Stock (56)

  • About Author

    Nei Siyara

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These books are helpful to guide the child in sequence from the simplest to the most important. it develops the child's mental creativity, as well as mental concentration, hand manipulation, finger manipulation, choice of beautiful colours , understanding and choosing the appropriate colours for an image he has seen before.

This book is a great investment you can make for your child, from a child's alphabet to an early age , even for a birthday party.

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